Welcome to this blog which offers a running summary of information shared in bulletins and newsletters to provide parishioners of Holy Spirit Parish with information about ongoing discussions and planning regarding a possible building project.

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Balancing desires, needs and space

What’s been identified as desirable and necessary in a potential parish center building project will demand considerable creativity in connecting it with the existing church and fitting into limited space around the church. Thirty parishioners gathered Jan. 4 to review project priorities developed at an earlier meeting and to see space needs for a project … Continue reading Balancing desires, needs and space

A firm foundation

On Wednesday about 30 parishioners gathered to identify and prioritize components of a possible parish center.  The group included people who participated in the unification process two years ago, parish staff, and members of the Pastoral and Finance councils.  The discussion didn’t start from scratch, since earlier consultation had identified specific needs and desires but … Continue reading A firm foundation

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